Sweet and succulent shredded Pulled Pork (marinated in our secret BBQ rub),

Toasted large white flour bread cake,

Caramelised onions,

Homemade Coleslaw,

Melted mature cheddar cheese,

Sticky and thick Smokey BBQ sauce.

100% Beef 1/4 pound Cheeseburger,

Fresh lettuce and mayonnaise,

Melted mature cheddar cheese,

Caramelised onions.

Butchers thick cut smoked Bacon,

Butchers hand made Lincolnshire Sausages,

Large free range organic Eggs,

Your choice of toppings; Black Pudding, Onions, Beans, Tomatoes, Mushrooms.

Large Crispy thick cut French fries (your topping of BBQ Pulled pork is optional)