Corporate and Charity Events

If you are looking for a precision catering company mixed with a fun BBQ taste then look no further. Whether it be a small gathering for the office team or a mass charity event, we will cater for your every need. It cannot be easier! Contact us via email or via telephone to tell us what your event is. We will guide you through what we think will best suit your event. If you are certain what you want, you are in the driver seat, tell us what to do and it will be done. All you need is a 12 foot by 12 foot space and we will do the rest.

Here at The Flying Pig Company we Pride ourselves on delivering the highest customer service and the highest quality of food.

This all starts with the level of hygiene awareness that all members of staff have at all times. Every member of staff has achieved a level 2 stage hygiene certificate and is managed by a chef who has achieved a level 3 hygiene certificate. Training and updated procedures are delivered at the end of each month to ensure we keep one step ahead of everyone else.

The next step is preparing the food. We have developed our own secret recipe of BBQ rub. This is smothered over the shoulder of pork joint and left to marinade for 24 hours. This is then cooked for a further 12 hours and shredded into portions. This is then frozen and ready to be taken to the next event. The succulent meat is then heated on the grill and hit with some BBQ sauce, caramelised onions, and melted cheddar cheese.

Either stay seated or walk up to the trailer as you please. We will cater to your every need.

The final chapter of work is cleaning up after everyone. We do not expect guests to clean up after a whole mess of BBQ pulled pork, thats just not fair!

We then wait until you call us again for our succulent mouthwatering pulled pork . . . . . . .