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Bonfire Night At Roundhay Park!

Attendance: 32,000

Pulled Pork Sold: 18,000

Conclusion: The majority who attended preferred pulled pork to any other catering trailer!

Emily's 40th Birthday Bonanza!

It is safe to say we all had a great time in Morley for Emily's 40th Birthday. It was a half an half combo of our sweet succulent pulled pork and our handmade jumbo sausages. Great choice, your a genius!

Our Oldest Trailer Gets The Newest Facelift!

We have regenerated our first trailer. This trailer is part of our fleet of 6 and we believe it is a key member of our family and therefore, She is worth the time and effort to restore. Look out for our signature black and pink company colours at a town near you.

Birthday Shindig in York

Great afternoon in Market Weighton. Families, friends, dogs, and succulent American BBQ Pulled Pork. The team didn't want to leave but unfortunately, pigs don't see well in the dark!

Guiseley Farmers Market

Another great day in Leeds at the farmers in Guiseley. The meat is constantly evolving as the team at The Flying Pig Co experiment with different ingredients. Just when you thought it couldn't get any tastier!

Tour De Yorkshire at Roundhay Park!

The wind was blowing but the Flying Pigs stayed strong. The harder the weather appeared to be, the harder we laughed and demanded more. It was great to see cycling enthusiasts from all over the country come together to support this great event. Pulled Pork was enjoyed by all. It was even enjoyed out of cycling helmets!

Say hello to my not so little friend!

The ground is shaking with our new Double Whammy Burger! Two 1/4 pound 100% Beef burgers stacked high with crispy lettuce, creamy coleslaw, sweet caramelised onions, and melted mature cheddar cheese with sticky BBQ sauce. Bib not included, but highly recommended.

Roundhay Park Bonfire Night 2014

We were throwing Pulled Pork left, right, and centre at Bonfire night in Roundhay Park. We were very happy to see the Pulled Pork lovers cueing in the freezing cold, 100 deep, just to get a mouth watering taste of our signature BBQ Pulled Pork!

5 Days a Week, Cross Green Industrial Estate

All our weekend events are keeping us on our toes. Through the week it is business as usual outside Yesss Electrical, 7.30 - 2.30 baby!

Check out our new healthy Options. Customers are amazed, Pigs are furious!

We are delighted to introduce our new healthy range to the menu.

Home baked jacket potatoes, seasoned with salt and pepper butter. With your choice of toppings ranging from beans to Chicken and tuna Mayo.

Lightly toasted Panini with crispy salad, melted cheese, and chicken, tuna, or beef.

We also threw some healthy 'Eat Natural' oat bars in there to mix it up.

Yesss Electrical is the new home!

We are extremely proud to let you know that we have a full time catering pitch with Yesss Electrical in Cross Green Industrial Estate Leeds. Do not think twice about coming down for your breakfast and lunch. Panini's, baked potatoes, hot and cold sandwiches and more!

Café Bar Twelve Shindig!


It is not a surprise that for the 19th time we nailed the catering on bank holiday at the coolest bar in Baildon. The sun held on for just enough time to serve 100's of happy people from the community. Live music, cold beer, BBQ Pulled Pork, heaven is here guys!

Guiseley Farmers Market Leeds!


We are now a part of this great event on the 3rd Sunday of every month. The Guiseley Farmers Market is home to several of the best produce from fresh local sourced milk, to Homemade Cheese that has been fermented for months. Now The Flying Pig Company is Proud to be amongst the elite in catering and local produce.

We had a great time in Bradford throwing pulled pork at the Jury's Inn Hotel team.

Thank you for the invite and . . . you are welcome for the party in your mouth courtesy of the taste sensation from the Flying Pig Boys!